Paramedic Services

Paramedic Services within the PCN.


 "As a primary care paramedic my role within the PCN is focused mainly on treating and triaging a wide range of acute conditions, minor illness and injuries over the telephone or via face-to-face appointments. I also attend home visits assessing and treating in the community for those who may be too unwell or unable to come down to a surgery.  


I really enjoy working in this role as it has allowed me to become close with a range of different health care professionals who often pass on their own advice and guidance, as well as the varying types of conditions I see tends to keep me on my toes!"


- Adam Robinson.  

About Adam: Primary Care Paramedic.

Adam is a Primary Care Paramedic working in the inner West Primary Care Network (PCN) area. He started working for the network in April 2021 and covers the Whickham, Chainbridge, Teams, Glenpark and Sunniside surgeries, working at a different practice daily. 

He was born in Sunderland and moved to work and study with the West Midlands Ambulance Service in 2011 before moving to Watford to work as a qualified paramedic.

"During this time, I was responding to a variety of 999 calls from breathing difficulties, heart attacks and traumatic injuries in the community, often as a solo rapid response 'senior paramedic'. I was also involved in mentoring and teaching students, from their first day to qualification (and beyond) as well as leading daily briefings and a team leader.    

Over the years I have found that I would often be treating patients who were calling 999 for non-life-threatening emergencies but needed more 'urgent care' assessment and treatment. In 2019 I made the decision to leave the ambulance service and work for a PCN in Watford prior to my daughter being born.

I found working as an acute clinician within a GP practice very similar to working as a 999 paramedic whereas patients could come and see myself and receive the same assessments, advice and treatment using my clinic experience ease from GPs in the practice, as well as taking pressure off A&E and the ambulance service".