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Cross Organisation Appointments

During the project Glenpark Medical configured their EMIS web clinical system to enable Cross organisation appointments for the Inner West PCN. This enabled the practices within the PCN to set up a shared rota for their physio service and enable the physio to better manage his schedule and enabled the service to be run out of two separate locations with each of the five practices. This resulted in less travel for the physio and more appointments being made available to patients.

NECS collated all the appropriate guidance, including the required forms to enable the set up and activation of the required data sharing agreements, within the EMIS Clinical system and shared with the wider Gateshead area. This guidance has been extremely helpful in the set up and creation of the COVID vaccination hubs across the CCG, supporting the Bede Centre, Pelaw and the Birtley Medical hubs with the set up and configuration of their cross organisational appointment booking.

 Digital Business Continuity Planning Guide 


 Created with support from the Inner west PCN and has since been shared with all practice managers and PCN leads within the Newcastle and Gateshead area.


Exists to support practice and PCNs with digital technology considerations to review in order to complement their existing Business Continuity plans.

The scenario for the considerations and resources in the guide were based on if a practice had to temporary close due to COVID-19.


 It was designed to assist teams in being able to work together as a PCN / Practice Group and help ensure that adequate cross cover practice working is in place from a digital perspective.